Nationwide named 'Best All Time Lender'

Amanda Jarvis

November 25, 2004

Paula John, editor of Your Mortgage said: “The Your Mortgage Awards, now in their fifteenth year, are the longest established and most recognised benchmark of excellence for all mortgage lenders in the UK. Throughout this period the most consistent winner of the ultimate award, Best Overall Lender, has been Nationwide Building Society. We believe this reflects their continued philosophy of fairness and transparency whilst ensuring the customer is always at the centre of their thinking. This is how a financial services provider should be run.”

Nationwide marketing director, Steve Clode said: “This award is a significant achievement for Nationwide and reflects the importance that we place on fairness, transparency and long-term good value. The endorsement is all the more important because it comes from Your Mortgage magazine, which is key source of information about the mortgage industry for many borrowers.”

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