NatWest appoints phone BDM manager

Mortgage Introducer

June 23, 2015

Pomfret, who has worked at NatWest for 10 years, has been a phone BDM for the last 18 months working with brokers in Newport, Enfield, Liverpool, Newcastle and Lincoln.

Before joining the intermediary business she spent 2 years as a mortgage consultant and worked a number of roles in branch.

She is replacing Nicola Brown, who has taken up a new role in NatWest’s coaching department.

Pomfret said: “I think brokers on my panel valued the efficiency and responsiveness of the way I operated.

“I place great emphasis on time management and planning which enabled me to return most of their calls within an hour.

“Phone-based BDMs can naturally respond quickly and what I will be keen to ensure is that we add value to every conversation we have with a broker because we know just how valuable their time is.”

Paul Kane, acting head of sales, NatWest Intermediary Solutions, said: “I am really pleased to have appointed Gemma who has made great progress up through the ranks of the bank and deserves her promotion.

“She is a focused and determined individual who is not afraid to face up to the challenges that invariably arise in the sector in which we work.

“She is well-liked by colleagues and brokers and will, I am sure, make a great impression with all who come into contact with her.”

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