NatWest cuts rates for new business customers

Jake Carter

May 20, 2021


NatWest has made rate cuts of up to 12bps on products for new business customers.

Notable reductions for purchase only products include a cut of 2bps on a 90% loan-to-value (LTV) 2-year deal and up to 6bps on selected 5-year deals respectively.

For remortgages, NatWest has made reductions of up to 5bps on selected 5-year deals and of up to of 4bps on selected high value 2-year remortgage deals.

Within its Green Mortgages range, it has reduced rates for purchase products by up to 12bps and up to 6bps on selected 2 and 5-year deals respectively.

The lender has also increased rates by up to 7bps on 70% LTV deals and reduced product fees from £1,495 to £995.

There are also rate reductions of up to 10bps on selected deals and cashback decreasing to £0 on 60% and 75% LTV deals, and increasing to £200 on 85% LTV offers.

NatWest has cut rates by up to 4bps on a 60% LTV 5-year purchase product, with cashback decreasing from £250 to £0.

In addition, it has cut its product fee from £1,495 to £995 on a 70% LTV 5-year fix, and increased its cashback offering from £0 to £200 on a 80% LTV 2-year deal.

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