NatWest lowers max LTI cap

Mortgage Introducer

October 12, 2015

Previously the maximum cap was 4.99 times to 75% loan-to-value and 4.49 between 75% and 85% LTV. Above 85% LTV it will remain at four times income.

A NatWest spokesperson said: “Following a recent review of our business mix, we have made some adjustments to our loan to income maximums.

“The loan to income maximum is just one measure we use to assess affordability and the changes have been incorporated into our affordability calculator that is automatically applied to the result a broker will get on screen.”

Jonathan Burridge, independent mortgage broker based in East London, said: “I don’t understand what’s prompting them to do it. They are obviously tweaking the loan book to avoid getting too much business.

“It’s not like there’s an interest rate rise on the horizon so perhaps they’ve had their fill for the year and want to calm it down a bit.”

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