NatWest makes cuts to core and semi-exclusive range residential and buy-to-let deals

Jessica Nangle

November 13, 2017

NatWest is introducing rate cuts to its core and semi-exclusive ranges of residential and buy-to-let 2 and 5-year fixed rate purchase mortgages and remortgages.

In the core 2-year fixed rate purchase and remortgage rates in both the residential and buy-to-let range, there is a 15bps decrease, with 5-year fixed rate purchase and remortgage in residential and buy-to-let there is a 20bps decrease.

In the semi-exclusive range in all 2-year fixed rate purchase and remortgage rates there was a 15bps decrease in residential and buy-to-let and a 20bps decrease in the 5-year residential and buy-to-let rates.

Mark Bullard, head of sales at NatWest, said: “In recent weeks, the speculation over the rise in the base rate created a fair amount of volatility in the costs of funding.

“Having reviewed our whole portfolio we are now able to introduce wholesale rate reductions to our fixed rate mortgages of 15bps for 2-year and 20bps for 5-year deals.”

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