NatWest makes rate reductions up to 0.84%

Jake Carter

August 26, 2021


NatWest has made rate reductions by up to 0.84% across its product portfolio for both new business and existing customers, as well as adding a series of offerings.

The lender has introduced three green purchase products for 2 and 5-year deals, and a 60% loan-to-value (LTV) 5-year fixed-rate green remortgage product, with £350 cashback.

NatWest has made rate reductions of up to 13 basis points (bps) and 12bps on 2 and 5-year purchase deals, respectively, and cuts of up to 10bps and 11bps on selected 2 and 5-year deals for first-time buyers.

Within its Mortgage Guarantee Scheme product range, the lender has reduced rates by up to 13bps and 10bps on 95% LTV 2 and 5-year deals.

For buy-to-let (BTL), NatWest has reduced purchase rates by up to 14bps on selected 2-year deals and by up to 4bps on 60% LTV 2-year remortgage offerings.

As well as this, the lender has increased cashback from £250 to £350 on selected 5-year green purchase and remortgage products.

For tracker purchase products, it has removed 70% and 75% LTV 2-year products and for remortgage deals, it has removed 70% LTV 2-year products.

Looking to existing customers, the lender has made reductions of up to 3bps and 5bps on 2- and 5-year switcher deals respectively.

It has also made reductions of up to 3bps and 5bps on 2- and 5-year high value deals and by 69bps and 84bps on 2 and 5-year switcher buy-to-let products.

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