NatWest to make rate reductions across new customer product range

Mortgage Introducer

August 9, 2021

NatWest are making number of rate reductions across their product range for new customers.

These changes cover residential, first-time buyer, green and buy-to-let mortgages and the largest cut come in at a hefty 1.46%.

For new business two and 5-year buy-to-let purchase and remortgage deails are reduced by between 0.58% and 0.94% and 1.34% and 1.46% respectively.

Purchase deals over the same terms are cut by 0.10% and 0.09%. For first-time buyers rates are dropped between 0.19% and 0.17% on two and 5 year deals respectively

The Mortgage Guarantee Scheme rate is reduced by 0.03% on the 95% loan-to-value (LTV) 5-year deal. Green Mortgage rates are reduced by 0.12% and 0.07% on 85% LTV two and 5-year deals.

The changes come into effect tomorrow, August 10.

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