Nearly half of UK adults plan to activate new data rights

Jessica Nangle

July 13, 2017

Nearly half of UK adults plan to activate new rights over their personal data.

A poll commissioned by SAS UK explores the nation’s sentiment towards upcoming legislative change that empowers consumers with new rights over how their personal data is handled by organisations.

Charles Senabulya, vice president and country manager for SAS UK and Ireland, said: “Personal data is often stored in thousands of databases and organisations will need to find, evaluate and categorise every piece of data relating to each customer to ensure compliance.

We are entering a new data era that requires a firm grip of customer data; one that rewards consumers as well as protects their right to privacy.”

The results showed that 45-54 year-olds are most likely to issue a request; with just over one in five (21%) thinking they will activate their new right in the first month.

There were regional differences also, with adults in the north east and south east more inclined to submit a request within the first month (18%) which drops to 12% in Wales, and just 7% in Northern Ireland.

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