Neighbours’ loud music puts off most buyers

Ryan Bembridge

August 16, 2017

Most (69%) potential homebuyers would be put off by neighbours who play music with heavy bass, Jackson-Stops & Staff data has found.

Similarly almost two-thirds (63%) would not put up with neighbours who engaged in noisy activities like DIY and parties at least three times a week.

Nick Leeming, Jackson-Stops & Staff chairman, said: “Next door neighbours making a racket with music, parties, drilling and similar activities is the greatest irritant to potential buyers and for many people will be an absolute barrier to buying that home.

“‘Pleasant noise like church bells ringing or farmyard animals are most likely to be overlooked by house hunters entirely, proving that not all noise is vexatious.”

Other factors that would make househunters think twice are aeroplanes flying low over the property (47%) and trains passing regularly (39%).

Age is also a factor, as 82% of over-55s would refuse to move near a nightclub or pub, but the same could be said of just a quarter (26%) of 18 to 24 year olds.

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