Nested: 3.5 homes sold per agent every month

Jessica Bird

December 1, 2021

homes sold

Research from Nested has found that with 526,085 homes sold across the UK so far this year, this makes for an average of 3.5 homes per month, per agent.

This is an average of 75,155 per month among the 22,000 agents operating within the market.

Scotland was found to rank top for estate agent performance, with 64,550 homes sold so far in 2021, an average of 9,221 per month.

With some 1,195 estate agents operating in the region, this equates to 7.7 homes sold per month for every agent.

Yorkshire and the Humber ranked second, with an average of 5,859 homes sold per month in 2021 equating to 5.2 property sales per estate agent in the region.

The East Midlands took third place, with 4.7 homes sold per agent on a monthly basis so far this year, while the North West, Wales and South West have also seen an average of four homes sold per agent each month.

In London, 52,953 property sales have taken place so far this year – 7,565 a month on average.

However, with more than 5,000 agents, this equates to just 1.5 homes sold per agent on a monthly basis, placing the capital last in the list.

Alice Bullard, head of commercial at Nested, said: “Scotland takes the spoils when it comes to the most homes sold per agent so far in 2021, but it’s been a pretty successful year across the board as high levels of market activity have presented plenty of opportunity for estate agents up and down the nation.

“Of course, there will be many who have excelled in their respective markets and outperformed the wider regional benchmark but we can all be proud of the contribution we’ve made in keeping the market moving over the last 18 months, regardless of how big or small that contrition may be.”

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