Network Data increases its number of ARs by 89 per cent in two months

Amanda Jarvis

January 12, 2005

Furthermore, the register also shows that Network Data has almost four times as many ARs as it’s nearest competitor

This huge growth supports the fact that Network Data continues to pull ahead of its rivals and confirms their position as the largest of the new mortgage Networks.

Richard Griffiths, Managing Director of Network Data, comments “While we are pleasantly surprised to have moved further ahead of our competitors, our own target is to reach 1,000 ARs as quickly as possible in 2005 and we will be maintaining our aggressive marketing campaign”.

Alex Cotton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Network Data, says: “The FSA register provides an accurate and up to date record of exactly how many ARs each Network has and will prevent firms exaggerating their figures. Our strong proposition and transparency has proved to be a highly successful formula for attracting and maintaining our Appointed Representatives.”

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