New API from Loans Warehouse experiences partnership growth

Jessica Nangle

March 11, 2020

Loans Warehouse has revealed that its newly launched personal loan API recently saw its 20th partnership.

The API aims to give consumers access to a comparison of pre-approved lending options from across a wide range of lenders.

Loans Warehouse offers partners, including comparison sites, lenders and retailer brands the opportunity to present and compare pre-approved loan offers from their panel of personal loan lenders under their own brand. 

The new solution offers brands the option to integrate the personal loan search technology within their own website through Loans Warehouse’s API.

Alternatively there are options to have a hosted results pages or entire white-label websites fully hosted with tracking. 

Matt Tristram, co-founder at Loans Warehouse, said: “Loans Warehouse has always been known for creating amazing consumer journeys, but over the last twelve months, that focus has been on taking more of that journey online. 

“Our personal loan API sees the first end-to-end online solution on our roadmap to be completed and launched.

“Since November last year in excess of 20 partners including several PCW, have signed up to utilise our technology, with most opting for the white label solution due to its simplicity, fast turnaround – we can have a brand set up with full tracking within hours – and impressive statistics. 

“The fully integrated solution is being considered by lenders, banks and other finance providers as a downflow opportunity, allowing them to offer a far wider choice of products, increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining brand loyalty.

“The platform boasts one of the strongest lending panels in the UK with over 20 providers fully integrated already, offering guaranteed rates and pre-approved loan offers with another four lenders scheduled to launch this month.

“In the first two months of 2020 our platform has seen over £150m in personal loans offered to consumers.”

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