New banking qualification launched

Nia Williams

December 8, 2009

A recent YouGov survey found that 88% of customers agreed that all bankers should take professional banking qualifications. The qualification is a result of that survey.

CIOBS worked closely with the banking sector on the design of the Professional Banker Certificate. The new qualification introduces areas of critical importance to the effective performance of a professional banker, including key ethical, regulatory, economic, legal and credit issues.

Tesco Bank is the first UK bank to enrol its staff for the Professional Banker Certificate. Jenny Wilkinson, Tesco Bank’s Personnel Director commented: “Staff development is part of Tesco’s DNA and we are delighted to have helped to shape this qualification and be the first company to be able to offer the Certificate to our staff. The banking world has moved on in recent years and the new Certificate reflects these changes, providing a qualification that it is extremely relevant in today’s banking environment. We have already seen significant interest from staff and this includes existing Chartered Bankers who see the certificate as a valuable refresher course for their skills.”

Simon Thompson, chief executive of CIOBS, said: “I am sure the Professional Banker Certificate will prove to be extremely popular with of all banks and many bank staff keen to demonstrate their support for a new era of professionalism in UK banking.”

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