New compliance service for advisers

Nia Williams

January 7, 2010

The new compliance service will provide a historic sourcing facility in partnership with the Home Buyer System. The result is that all mortgage cases can now be easily resourced using the original date and data to verify that the most appropriate product and/or lender was recommended at the time. Warren will undertake the reviews and provide guidance in using the facility and interpretting the results.

Warren believes this service will appeal to firms of all sizes especially those looking to conduct past business reviews or those simply wanting peace of mind that they have delivered the correct advice to clients. By working alongside compliance departments and selected mortgage compliance advisers Warren also believes that savings can be made and concerns can be prevented from growing.

Commenting, Bill Warren, managing director of Bill Warren Compliance LLP, commented: “This brand new service will be of considerable value to firms who perhaps have been asked by the FSA to undertake a past business review or just want reassurance that their mortgage business is compliant.

“No more calculations needing lengthy input or recording are needed and the output is completely accurate. The beauty of this service is its accuracy and simplicity, saving money and time for firms in what is a particularly challenging business environment.”

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