New marketing guide for advisers

Nia Williams

February 8, 2010

The guide, which is available as a PDF download has been written in response to growing interest amongst IFAs in introducing life planning into their client service proposition.

Author of the guide and founder of IFA Life Philip Calvert said: “Many IFAs have realised that the financial advice profession needs to make itself far more relevant and appealing to today’s consumers, and introducing life planning into the mix is helping them to do just that. There are also very clear business benefits to doing so.”

But a common issue for many IFAs is that they do not have a marketing plan for their current business model – let alone one for a life planning service. Calvert wrote the guide after seeing many IFAs were extremely keen to promote life planning after attending training courses with life planning pioneer George Kinder.

Philip Calvert continued: “There is huge excitement amongst IFAs to get their message ‘out there’, but marketing training and help has been way down their priority list. From seminars to social media, this guide gives them clear, straightforward and easy-to-follow help.

“As well as IFAs looking to market Life Planning, the guide also has many benefits for IFAs looking for general marketing advice for their businesses.”

IFA Life’s guide is available at

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