NLA links up with Swansea

Amanda Jarvis

November 10, 2004

John Socha, the Vice-Chairman of the NLA, spoke at a meeting in the Guildhall in Swansea on the Housing Bill currently making its way through Parliament.

“This was a very good meeting”, said John, “with over fifty landlords from the city attending. Most of these were accredited landlords who have signed up over the four years that Swansea has been running the scheme. We in the NLA understand the frustrations of our members with some accreditation schemes but they can be a way of getting help from your local council and are an option that should be investigated properly. All of us want to see an end to unprofessional practices by a small minority of landlords and NLA is using a variety of methods, including working with councils like Swansea, to achieve that goal ”.

Lee Cecil, the NLA representative for Wales, added, “Swansea are working hard at this concept and are aware of the pitfalls. They want to talk to responsible landlords and hear about their concerns. We believe that co-operation between Swansea City Council and the private rented sector in this part of Wales should be encouraged as it could be of mutual benefit to all concerned”.

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