NLA Tenant Check price freeze

Nia Williams

January 12, 2011

Instead, NLA Tenant Check has confirmed that it has reduced the unit costs of all its products therefore absorbing the rise in VAT to ensure the service remains value for money.

David Salusbury, chairman, NLA, said: “It is vital that landlords are able to find good tenants and NLA Tenant Check goes a long way to helping them do this. As landlords face an increasing amount of costs and the financial pressures brought on by the rise of VAT, the NLA Tenant Check price freeze will undoubtedly be welcome news for many landlords.”

NLA Tenant Check is fast and easy to use offering a choice of basic or full tenant reference checks. The simple online application process provides instant results and is available to NLA members at a discounted rate.

For NLA members, a basic check costs £8 and a full check costs £23. For non-members, a basic check costs £12 and a full check costs £28.

The Basic Tenant Check provides landlords with the confidence to proceed knowing the tenant is who they claim to be and includes County Court Judgement search, bankruptcy and insolvency search and address history confirmation.

The Full Tenant Check combines the results of the Basic Tenant Check but include references obtained from employer (including income confirmation), references obtained from previous landlord (or letting agent), confirmation of previous property ownership and confirmation of bank account details.

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