FSE Midlands: No easy fix to build more houses, says Jeremy Cook

Jessica Nangle

November 2, 2017

All options should be embraced when it comes to building enough houses to meet demand in the UK says Jeremy Cook, senior manager, new build at the Nationwide Building Society.

Cook was speaking at today’s FSE Midlands in Coventry, and added that whilst new-build housing starts had increased since the credit crunch, developers were still struggling with a number of key issues such as securing the right skills from employees and an ageing workforce.

He said: “There is no easy fix to build more houses.

“All the parties need to get together across this in the marketplace. We need to build more quickly and we need to embrace modern methods of construction, such as modular homes which can be completely built off site and brought to site.

“Getting them from where they are built to the site is the big challenge in this. Both lenders and Local Authorities need to embrace these new methods of construction.”

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