Northern Rock improves long-term flexible fixed rates

Amanda Jarvis

October 13, 2004

Available with no extended early repayment charge, they now start from 5.79% up to 85% LTV and 5.99% up to 95% LTV. 5 and 7 Year Fixed rates in the ‘together’ range, which allows borrowing of up to 125% LTV (max 95% secured), have also been reduced and now start at 6.29%.

These products are fully flexible, allowing underpayments, overpayments, redraws and payment holidays. In addition, all of the above products are available with the option of paying no arrangement fee and a benefit of £1,000 Help with Costs. Borrowers can also add an Unsecured Cash Reserve of up to £10,000 to take total borrowing up to 100%.

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