Northern Rock treats FTBs to hampers

Sarah Davidson

July 21, 2011

For the past 12 months, Northern Rock has been sending goodwill packages to a number of borrowers who take out a first-time buyer deal from the lender.

Contents of the hamper included a tea towel, a box of chocolates, tea bags, a coffee mug, biscuits, wine and toilet roll.

Lea Karasavvas, mortgage broker at Mortgage Force, said: “It was brought to my attention by one of my first-time buyer clients. It was one of those cases that was just a pleasure to do. Easy fit, a “Thanks for your help” card from the clients and then from speaking to their sister, they disclosed that they received a hamper from their lender Northern Rock.

“I then spoke to a couple of my other clients this month that have also completed with Northern Rock who have also received a hamper. I think it is fantastic, showing a very personable touch and makes the client feel special.

“At their first barbeque in their new home, they were giving friends tea and wine and mentioned it was from their lender Northern Rock. My other clients at the same BBQ had just completed with another lender and received nothing. It is a great way of word of mouth advertising and the toilet roll in particular has proved a great success!”

When asked for comment Northern Rock denied the gifts were any sort of PR stunt explaining it was simply a goodwill gesture for their borrowers which is why no press release was provided.

A spokeswoman at Northern Rock, said: “This is simply a limited period goodwill gesture for first-time and next-time buyers while stocks last. It is not something we have marketed – these hampers are intended to assist our customers settle in to their new homes.”

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