November sales up 1.4pc year on year

Yuan Phoon

December 5, 2011

Compared to the previous month, the number of properties achieving sold status was down 7.1% and the number of for sale listings was down by 11.8%.

Agency Express attributed the monthly fall to the seasonal decline in property transactions.

The North East saw the greatest increase in sold properties compared to the previous month up 18.8%.

The West Midlands saw the greatest decrease in sold properties down 15.9%.

London was the only region generating positive for sale listings up 7.8%.

Stephen Watson, managing director at Agency Express, said: “As we approach the run into Christmas we naturally expect that market will drop off as consumers switch their focus to the festive period.

“Many individual cities and some regions have managed to buck the seasonal trend established since our index began in 2007 and shown growth year on year.

“This is evidence that despite continued uncertainty over house prices and the wider economic fragility, there is still a reasonable underlying demand for properties of all shapes and sizes, up and down the UK.”

Around 20,000 listings were recorded by Agency Express.

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