OFT taking steps to protect landlords

Nia Williams

February 26, 2010

LetAssured MD David Plaister has stated that “if High Street agents continue to charge non-transparent and recurring fees then they will soon be exposed as using sharp and unethical practice”.

Following the High Court order it secured against estate agent Foxtons, in July last year, the OFT are making it clear to a number of other letting agents that they are also expected to comply with the law as set out in the Foxtons ruling. It added that it would take the ‘necessary steps’ to ensure the wider letting industry was complying with the judgment.

Jason Freeman, legal director of the OFT’s Consumer Group, said: “We welcome the finality brought by this order, and the court’s declaration that the terms we challenged are indeed unfair.

“This case, and the changes Foxtons has now made, sends a wider message to letting agents and businesses in general that important terms, particularly those which may disadvantage consumers, must be clear, prominent and actively brought to people’s attention.

“Consumers should not be presented with a surprise bill for services they have not consciously agreed to.”

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