Ombudsman Services withdraws from the housing market

Ryan Bembridge

February 6, 2018

Ombudsman Services will stop handling complaints in the property sector – saying it no longer wants to provide a “broken solution to a broken market”.

It provides redress between property agents, including estate agents and individuals, but plans to withdraw by 6 August 2018.

Lewis Shand Smith, head of Ombudsman Services, said: “Redress in the housing sector is a really confusing picture for all involved.

“The patchwork of alternative dispute resolution and ombudsman schemes is a mystery to consumers and therefore is incredibly difficult for them to navigate.”

The government is consulting on creating a single ombudsman to cover the whole of the housing market.

Ombudsman Services has over 8,000 member businesses in total, of which 6,500 are RICS firms.

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