OMS launches the first two-way DIP integration with Kent Reliance

Michael Lloyd

July 3, 2018

One Mortgage System (OMS), the single-input enquiry to completion processing platform for brokers, has become the first to fully integrate with Kent Reliance for Intermediaries across its extensive range of specialist buy-to-let and residential mortgage products.

The integration will see OMS users benefit from direct access to Kent Reliance’s specialist lending portfolio to carry out a full decision in principle, without the need to rekey any data.

This will incorporate a full two-way integration to speed up the advice process, sourcing and delivery, meaning that all communications and decisions from Kent Reliance will be delivered back via OMS on every DIP submitted.

Neal Jannels, managing director of One Mortgage System (OMS), said: “The addition of one of the industry’s leading specialist lenders is a huge boost to our ever-growing user base and is the next important step in what we expect to be a speedy and comprehensive integration process with all market-leaders across the specialist lending sector.

“Accessibility, speed and efficiency are all key components within the modern intermediary mortgage market.

“This integration opens the gateway to Kent Reliance’s highly competitive product range through an innovative system which requires a single set of data to manage, source, place and fully integrate with a raft of lenders.”

Jannels added: “There is much talk about what technology can do in the future and what is being developed, but this announcement confirms that there is already a system in place which is saving brokers time and effort right here, right now.

“Integrating OMS into their daily working lives is allowing thousands of brokers to save valuable time enabling to generate additional revenue by seeing more customers in what remains a challenging marketplace.”

Adrian Moloney, sales director of Kent Reliance for Intermediaries, said: “With specialists becoming the mainstream for buy-to-let lending, utilising technology to increase efficiency and simplify complex lending is a key objective.

“We’re delighted to partner with OMS whose innovative system not only increases access to our award-winning product ranges but allows brokers to focus on what they need to be doing and that’s spending time with their clients rather than on administration.”

OMS was also the first system to develop a full two-way integration with a number of specialist lenders and it offers AVMs, changeable workflows, drag and drop facilities.

It also gives its users access to documentation and application forms for over 28 different lenders without the need to rekey any additional data.

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