One third living in unfinished homes

Sarah Davidson

June 16, 2014

Indeed, the financial company suggested that householders spend more time watching DIY and home improvement programmes than actually carrying out repairs.

Nearly two in five (38.9%) with unfinished home improvements have put up with the situation for over a year, while over one in 10 (11.5%) have made do for over five years.

Ian Williams of Ocean Finance said: “Starting a DIY project is easy, but sometimes seeing it through to completion can be far harder.

“Sometimes people just run out of steam with DIY and either need a break or are waiting for a professional to come and finish the job off for them.

“While this may not matter with smaller jobs such as partially assembled flat pack furniture or a half decorated room, there are other jobs that are positively dangerous if left incomplete.”

Some unfinished jobs pose a danger to households, including partially knocked down walls and exposed or unconnected electrics.

Londoners are the worst at getting DIY jobs finished, followed by those in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Young people between 25 and 34 are most likely (46.4%) to be living with unfinished DIY, while those aged 55 or over are the least likely (25.5%).

The most common unfinished job is decorating, with one in five (19.7%) living with a partly decorated room.

Other incomplete DIY tasks included bare floors waiting for carpet, tiles, varnish or laminate (7%), shelves needing to be erected (7.2%) and unplastered walls or exposed plaster (5.8%).

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