Online mortgage company BlueZest to launch

Ryan Fowler

August 12, 2016

Technology based mortgage lender BlueZest is launching with the ability to deliver a mortgage decision within just 30 minutes.

The firm will see some of the UK’s most experienced financial and tech sector figures unite to bring technology to the core of the mortgage process.

It will launch later in the year and will offer a range of products via their website through an easy-to-use and highly secure online digital application process.

The process is underpinned by responsible lending practices and will be supported by an experienced customer support team.

The BlueZest leadership team includes:

• Simon Baum as chief risk officer (Santander, Alliance & Leicester, Experian)
• Sue Colquhoun as director of risk and compliance (Kensington Mortgages, Bradford & Bingley, Lapithus)
• John Robinson as chief technology officer (Experian, International Risk Partnership)
• Robert Ainscow as funding director (Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, Investec Bank)
• Chris Slater – COO and chief information officer (Experian, International Risk Partnership)
• Duncan Bain as chief financial officer (Cambridge Building Society, Aviva Plc, Arthur Andersen)
• Russell Gould as chief executive (Norwich Union, John Charcol, Bradford & Bingley, HomeServe, Everline, Thomas Cook, ANZ Bank)

Gould said: “Our founders, have brought together some of the most experienced leaders in their respective fields to develop something that we believe will positively re-shape the industry.

“The company was born out of a frustration with current archaic practices and a desire to create a range of innovative mortgages, supported by an online application process that is more transparent, more efficient and simpler for both intermediaries and their clients.”

The BlueZest mortgage and secured loan products, which will be available later in the year, have initially been designed to help support the intermediary sector, including mortgage and commercial brokers, packagers, networks, clubs and accountants.

The service will provide an added-value offering to improve efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction.

Gould added: “We have been in constant dialogue with a number of participating brokers and intermediaries over the past few months to ensure we create products and processes that will help them to deliver solutions that their clients want in a fraction of the time.

“We see them as our partners and will constantly work with them to adapt and evolve our offering. In-turn, our technology, gives intermediaries back valuable time so that they can do what they do best – advise their clients.”

BlueZest mortgage products will be available later in the year at, and via reputable intermediaries – mortgage brokers, commercial brokers and accountants.

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