ONP training academy welcomes 79 starters

Jake Carter

May 18, 2021

O’Neill Patient (ONP) has set up a training academy to bring additional talent into the conveyancing industry, and as a result has welcomed 79 new starters in the first four months of 2021.

ONP’s headcount for conveyancing sale and purchase has therefore increased by 40% since the start of the year.

The training academy, which launched in January, is an interactive, remote training programme that allows people to learn from home.

The 79 recruits are training as conveyancing case managers or in conveyancing support roles, such as administration.

Through the use of virtual learning, ONP has been able to broaden its geographical reach across the country, as well as bringing in more people.

The starters in the training academy will receive ongoing training as they progress through their career.

Adam Forshaw, managing director at O’Neill Patient, said: “We have recruited bright and enthusiastic people, many who lost jobs through COVID, and are now retraining to be case managers or conveyancing support staff.

“The academy assumes zero knowledge of property and conveyancing so we can encourage new people into the industry.

“The comprehensive training programme has been developed for new starters in response to the COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

“We wanted to support the industry and encourage those who wish to start a career by offering a way to learn how to do the job while we are all home based.

“The training programme has also been extended for the progression of existing staff and cross training.

“Since the announcement of the stamp duty holiday last year, the transactional arm of our business has seen rapid growth.

“It is here where we have focussed our recruitment drive and training. We have worked tirelessly in a short space of time to take conventional office/classroom-based learning into the remote working arena.”

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