OpenConvey embraces CQS

Robyn Hall

July 18, 2011

OpenConvey believes that any solicitor or licensed conveyancer who is not accredited will find it very difficult to act for lenders as well as on their clients’ behalf.

Joe Withers, business development director with OpenConvey, said: “We are delighted that our conveyancing panel members are either all on their way to accreditation or have already achieved it. Intermediaries, who want to continue to provide a full service to customers, will not want to recommend a conveyancer who is not accredited, as their client will end up paying for the lender’s own legal team to complete the deal as well as the expense of their own recommended firm.

“It has been estimated that over 50% of brokers still do not recommend a conveyancing firm. With the implementation of the new standards criteria provided by CQS, intermediaries who recommend a CQS accredited legal practice to their clients will benefit not only from the peace of mind of making a good choice for their clients but will also be more in control of the whole house buying and mortgage process as well as enjoying the extra referral income that can be generated through referral.”

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