Openview adds Pattinson to list of clients

Jake Carter

June 16, 2021

Openview has added Pattinson Estate Agents to its list of clients.

Pattinson chose Openview after researching the market and considering various software packages, following which they went into a period of consultation.

During this period, a business analysis was mutually constructed that identified further areas of concern and opportunity, and then a tech template was constructed, including a detailed migration roadmap.

The deployment addressed efficiencies in basic functionality, such as the electronic signing of tenancy agreements, communications and process in property management.

It also addressed other items, such as the maintenance app, ‘Task Manager’, which manages maintenance requests more effectively by improving accountability and oversight.

Pattinson said the biggest benefit was the deployment of automation, such as automatically notifying tenants of rent arrears within four days, with a reminder 11 days later and then every seven days following that.

Jonathan Parker, head of residential lettings at Pattinson Estate Agents, said: “As a result, Openview has been able to deliver substantial time savings to the business.

“The level of automation and reporting on rent arrears has been revolutionary and has had immediate benefits to the operation.”

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