Openwork launches survey proposition

Nia Williams

November 25, 2011

Encompassing a number of Openwork Enterprises with valuation businesses, the survey proposition will enable advisers to introduce clients to a choice of dedicated surveyors, thereby ensuring their clients are fully aware, briefed and prepared with the knowledge of their prospective purchases and accordingly more able to make a sound financial judgement as they continue on their property buying journey, according to the company.

Currently, a significant proportion of buyers simply accept their lender’s valuation survey, which does not necessarily include a comprehensive inspection of the property, as proof that the building is in good repair and a sound investment.

Metropolis Surveyors, Openwork’s largest valuation business, will be the lead valuer in the proposition.

Commenting, Paul Shearman, mortgage, protection & general insurance proposition director at Openwork, said: “Home buyers often remain unaware of potential problems with their property until after completion, which in the case of structural defects can cost thousands of pounds to rectify.

“Our survey proposition will help our advisers overcome this problem by giving them greater control over the buying process while ensuring their clients have the best possible information when making what is one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime.”

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