Openwork reaches 2500 enquiry barrier

Amanda Jarvis

February 16, 2006

Openwork has more than 800 financial advice firms and 2300 financial advisers located throughout the UK. Under an agreement reached with eConveyancer in December 2005, any Openwork member can access the eConveyancer system to select and instruct a conveyancer and track their activities on behalf of their clients.

Nigel Hoath, managing director of eConveyancer, said: “We’re absolutely delighted, as our arrangement with Openwork has got off to a flying start. Openwork’s adviser clearly recognise the benefits this type of service is able to deliver: more efficient business processing, more income and satisfied clients. I have no doubt that our relationship with Openwork will go from strength to strength during 2006 and beyond.”

Paul Shearman, mortgage proposition director at Openwork, said: “It is early days, but from a standing start two months ago, eConveyancer has already registered over 1000 Openwork members. This is far in excess of our expectations, which is down to eConveyancer providing a great product, combined with a highly sophisticated and professional approach to sales and marketing.”

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