Optoma unveils non-conforming campaign

Amanda Jarvis

April 11, 2006

Platform’s non-conforming range is the first to get the Optoma treatment. All non-conforming fixed rates will receive a free valuation. In addition, remortgage deals will receive free legals, and purchase deals will receive a £250 contribution towards legals. Optoma have chosen Ontrack to carry out the conveyancing. The rates are also 0.1 per cent lower than Platform’s generic range, and have no extended ERC.

The incentives have been introduced across the range, from almost prime to heavy adverse, and include right-to-buy. KFIs can be found on Trigold by sourcing Optoma-Platform.

Harpal Singh, operations director at Optoma, commented: “We have seen a sharp and sustained growth in our levels of sub prime business over the last 18 months. Our exclusives and on-site underwriters from Platform have played a big part in that growth, as have our rock solid service standards.”

Paul Hunt, head of marketing at Platform, commented: “We are delighted that Optoma have chosen Platform as the first lender with whom these generous incentives apply. This initiative greatly enhances our already extremely competitive non-conforming product range and should ensure the sustained growth Optoma have seen in the last 18 months continues for the foreseeable future.”

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