Orbiter announces link with TFC

Nia Williams

January 31, 2011

It means Orbiter users are not only able to compare remortgage quotes with the secured loan alternative but can then submit the enquiry directly to TFC with just two mouse clicks.

Wayne Smethurst, managing director of Orbiter explained: “Secured loans have become an important product to intermediaries. Many homeowners no longer qualify for a like-for-like replacement so need to keep their existing mortgages. By recommending a secured loan, intermediaries can get their clients the uplift they require while maintaining their current deal.”

Orbiter users have been able to compare a mortgage and a secured loan side by side for some time. With the new link, if a secured loan is the preferred option, the intermediary can choose to apply by clicking straight through to TFC. TFC will then process the application directly with the intermediary’s client whilst keeping the intermediary updated throughout. In addition, completed applications attract enhanced commission terms.

Wayne continued: “We want to make it as easy as possible for Orbiter users to get both top quality information and a top quality service. The new secured loan link with TFC does exactly that.”

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