Osborne defends Help to Buy

Sam Cordon

October 1, 2013

The chancellor made his defence of the scheme following a lukewarm reception to Sunday’s announcement that it would be launched some three months earlier than planned.

Addressing delegates at the conference Osborne said: “Too many people are still being denied their dream of owning their own home.

“There are some people – many living in the richest parts of London, who say we shouldn’t be doing these things.”

“Take you arguments down the road to Nelson or Colne, where house prices have fallen for the past five years. Take your arguments to Bury, or Morecambe, where young working couples are still living at home with their parents.

“Take your arguments to our great towns and cities where there are families who have saved for years, earning decent salaries, who can afford the mortgage repayments but can’t possibly afford the deposit being asked by the banks these days.”

The chancellor also defended the coalition’s economic plan which he said was working whilst claiming that “Britain’s turning the corner”.

Osborne pledged that he would “fix the roof while the sun is shining” and run the economy at a surplus by the next parliament.

He also aimed derided Labour’s policy of imposing a freeze on energy costs claiming it had been “done on the back of a fag packet”.

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