Paaleads.com kickstarts 2005 with half price leads

Amanda Jarvis

January 13, 2005

–         Double your monthly cap and receive half price leads

–         Available to all participating intermediaries & any joining in Jan and Feb can benefit also

Even with the near 2,000 intermediaries participating within paaleads.com taking on average 20 leads a month, this may not be sufficient to cater for the predicted surge in demand in the first quarter of 2005 – a popular time for remortgaging and capital raising.  As such, for any intermediary prepared to double their monthly cap of leads during the promotional period, paaleads.com will offer any leads over and above 15 (the minimum cap level) at half price.

Stuart Glendinning, director, paaleads.com commented: “It’s a great way for mortgage brokers to start the new year after the Christmas break by bringing in extra business at half the cost.  This is the biggest promotion we have ever offered to our existing participating intermediaries.  It’s open to all members but participation is not compulsory. However we know it’s very popular because well over 95% are taking advantage even though this means they have to agree to take on twice as many leads in a month as normal for Jan and Feb.”

“January is a huge month for internet mortgage business because borrowers are seeking to consolidate their finances and/or simply seek a better deal as part of their new year’s resolution to get their finances in tip-top shape.”

“This promotion is mutually beneficial for both paaleads.com and our members.  We benefit from the extra capacity, and mortgage brokers benefit from half price leads to get business flowing in – to hopefully make 2005 a record year for business, despite the additional burdens of mortgage compliance post regulation.”

Anyone buying leads from paaleads.com can benefit and new intermediaries joining throughout January and February can too.

Glendinning added: “For intermediaries that have never tried our leads this is a great opportunity to put their quality to the test! The qualification criteria is completely unaltered during the promotion so the quality of leads will in no way be impaired.“

An intermediary with a normal monthly cap of 20 leads can save £1,000 on this promotion* but the real benefit is the additional earnings from proc fees or fee income; life assurance sales and general insurance sales.

Paaleads.com (formerly referred to as the Professional Advisor Alliance) was launched in May 2002 and currently receives thousands of mortgage, term assurance and pension leads each month from moneysupermarket.com and its portal partners which include Yahoo! Finance, FT.com, thisismoney.com and Lycos.  Mortgage advisers participating in the scheme can ‘cap’ the volume of leads they wish to receive or ‘suspend’ leads if they are ill or on holiday.

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