Paradigm confirms round table details

Robyn Hall

June 24, 2013

With MMR just 10 months away Paradigm partnership manager Christine Newell will be briefing attendees on the move to MMR and offering guidance on where firms should be with their plans.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “There are now just 10 months to go until the new MMR rules come into effect and while some advisory firms might believe that the ball is firmly in the lender’s court when it comes to implementing those changes, this is not the case.

“We have been very keen to outline the fact advisory firms also have to prepare and plan for the MMR and there are requirements they need to meet by the 26th of April next year.

“Our roundtable events not only offer a chance for advisers to hear from notable lenders and providers, but we are also using them as an opportunity to give attendees a heads up on the direction of MMR travel and how they can ensure they reach their destination in good shape.”

The round table takes place next month on Wednesday 17 July at the Hilton Southampton.

Like previous events the round table is open to all mortgage advisers, not just Paradigm member firms, and also focuses on the potential new business opportunities available in the current marketplace.

There will be presentations and discussion with representatives from Coventry Intermediaries, Exeter Family Friendly, Masthaven, PruProtect, Platform and Virgin Money.

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