Paradigm Consulting extends scope of Agency proposition

Jake Carter

October 6, 2021

Paradigm Consulting has expanded the scope of its Agency proposition to assist advisory firms with their sale and acquisition transaction needs.

The Agency previously offered a match-making service between firms looking to either buy or sell, but the expansion means this is now an end-to-end proposition whereby Paradigm will help firms over a number of years build a compliant and profitable business with the intention to prepare them for sale.

The Agency proposition is based around a three-step plan, helping firms build, prepare for sale and then maximising the value of the business on exit.

It will support firms to build value based on a strong compliance footing, using technology to simplify and add efficiencies to the advice process, and will cover record-keeping, client interaction and marketing to help make the business more attractive to any prospective buyer.

As part of this offering, firms will receive regular engagement with Paradigm’s compliance consultants, support to ensure the suitability of advice, access to the CPD Academy, regulatory updates, rebates on placed business through Paradigm, referential PI terms and third-party technology.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm, said: “For any business, any size, at any point, the time to think about a potential exit strategy is now.

“That exit might be years away but unless firms plan for what they want to achieve, the likelihood is they will end up disappointed by the exit they are able to secure.

“By expanding our Agency proposition away from just a match-making service between firms interesting in selling and those interested in buying, we believe we can help generate significant value in these businesses, in order that they can achieve everything they want from a sale in the future.

“We’re also still able to bring interested parties together and by doing this, can facilitate exit strategies for a significant number of firms.

“We would urge any business owner looking to clarify their strategy, and to maximise the value in their business, to contact us so we can begin helping them on the path they need to take.”

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