Paradigm Mortgage Services launches Summer webinar series

Robyn Ashman

June 9, 2020

Paradigm Mortgage Services has launched a series of Mortgage Webinars to be held throughout the upcoming Summer months.

Starting from  16 June and currently going through to 6 August, the online webinars will allow those who attend to hear from a range of lenders on the Paradigm panel, to have an update on the mortgage market from Paradigm, and to engage in productive sessions, while collecting 90 minutes of CPD.

Paradigm will be hosting each online workshop for different regions across the country in the North West, London, East Midlands, Scotland, West Midlands, South East, North, South West, East of England, Wales and the South.

Each different session will feature at least three to four lenders or partner firms and Paradigm members can choose which sessions they would like to attend. They are not restricted by the geographical region they are based in.

Paradigm is also opening these sessions up for non-member, directly authorised firms to join in order to help them attain CPD and to hear more about the Paradigm proposition.

As part of this series of mortgage webinars, there are also a number of BTL Workshops being run in conjunction with Precise Mortgages covering a variety of topics including an overview of the BTL landscape and legislative changes, taxation and structures of ownership, HMOs, and landlord engagement strategies.

John Coffield, head of mortgages at Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “Normally, we would be about to embark on a packed itinerary of events right across the country, however as we know, 2020 is a very different year and we are therefore unable to do this.

“The next best option is to bring the events to our members in the form of online webinars and we’re going to do just that with a large number of sessions taking place over the next few months.

“This will hopefully allow advisory firms to join these educational sessions from the comfort of their own homes and hear from a large number of our lender panel, plus other partners, as well as hearing the latest on the market itself via Paradigm.

“On top of this we have four specific webinars on the buy-to-let market from Precise Mortgages and with so many options available, we’re sure that every single Paradigm member firm will be able to find an informative session that will be beneficial to them.

“We’re looking forward to engaging online and we’ll be seeking to provide firms with plenty of quality information and support that they can use to assist their clients during this challenging period.”

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