Payday loans leave couple stranded in a car

Sarah Davidson

March 18, 2015

Philip and Victoria Sherlock were evicted from their two bedroom home near Wrexham after racking up debts of £2,000.

They borrowed £830 to cover rent and the cost of their car from 247Moneybox, Payday UK, Bongaloans and Logbook Loans after Philip became ill with a twisted intestine.

He required a stomach operation and was out of action as a self-employed landscape gardner, while Victoria was only on a minimum wage job.

Phillip told the Sun: “We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary a few days after we moved all our belongings into the boot of our car.

“We sat there, shared a Twix chocolate bar and told ourselves we would turn this around.

“But the days have turned into weeks – it’s humiliating.”

The pair currently live on an industrial estate near Warrington in Cheshire.

They contacted Warrington Borough Council but were denied emergency accommodation as they were not deemed high risk enough.

Philip added: “It’s disgusting. I was force to give up my job due to illness.

“I’ve paid my taxes my whole life and this is how they repay me in my time of need?

“We only took the loans because we were desperate and now we’re snowed under with debt and living in a car.”

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