Paymentshield launches Netflix webinar

Michael Lloyd

September 17, 2018

Paymentshield will be hosting a webinar on the lessons that advisers can learn from the Netflix business model.

The event, which takes place on Wednesday 26 September, will cover the growing opportunity within the remortgage market, the importance of recurring revenue and how advisers can add value to their business by advising their clients on general insurance.

James Watson, sales director at Paymentshield, said: “Remortgage activity will be crucial for advisers in the coming months as uncertainty over Brexit is likely to put the brakes on the purchase market.

“So, it’s important that you make the most of the opportunity to build closer relationships with your clients and ensure that they have the most suitable general insurance for their requirements, not just the best mortgage.

“This webinar will help you identify ways to make the most of the opportunity and take a lesson from Netflix, by increasing your recurring revenue base and adding value into your business.”

It will feature information on what the remortgage opportunity looks like and the benefits of advising on general insurance as well as tips to help advisers overcome obstacles and objections. There will also be opportunities for interaction and live polls.

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