Paymentshield named in Top Tech list

Michael Lloyd

November 22, 2019

Paymentshield has been ranked number 39 on the Top 75 Tech and eCommerce Companies for 2019 produced by independent research company Mustard.

The ranking was carried out on behalf of Prolific North and was based across a range of criteria in order to identify the best tech and ecommerce businesses in the North of England.

Rob Evans, chief executive at Paymentshield, said: “The Tech Top 75 is based on a rigorous and objective assessment and so I’m particularly pleased not only to be ranked so highly, but also to be the only insurance company on the list.

“There is no doubt that our industry can have a reputation for lagging behind others in innovation and the adoption of new technologies, but we’re proving that doesn’t have to be the case.

“We’re proud to be the flagbearer for the new, innovative and technology enabled insurance sector that is emerging and, with our technology team of nearly 50 passionate and highly skilled experts, there’s so much more to come from Paymentshield.

“I’m looking forward to placing even higher next year.”

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