Paymentshield welcomes HIPs timeline

Amanda Jarvis

March 28, 2006

Chris Traynor, sales & marketing director at Paymentshield said: “This timeline is good news for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process. The industry as a whole has been waiting for the government to come forward, make a firm decision and lay the ground for HIPs to take shape. The long wait for a timeline has caused much speculation in recent months whether HIPs will happen at all and it is therefore great news to see that the government has confirmed a launch date for HIPs to come into effect. With a timeline in place it is now up to the industry to take advantage of the opportunities presented and to push for HIPs to be launched on time.

As a complete provider of mortgage related products this allows us to get on and develop our plans to help intermediaries with HIPs. We are committed to making the home buying and selling process as smooth and transparent as possible for customers. We realize that the timescale proposed by the government for customer implementation is tight and the challenge for now is to help intermediaries to raise customer awareness and inform buyers as well as sellers of the upcoming changes.”

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