Pensioners turn to buy-to-let

Sarah Davidson

October 15, 2015

The firm surveyed experts in the pension and annuity industry including product and service providers, retirement planning consultants, employee benefit consultants, regulators and influential bodies and found that some 58% believed pensioners would increasingly rely on buy-to-let.

Some 82% agreed that equity release would also increasingly form a part of a retirement portfolio for those who are exhausting other forms of retirement income.

Nigel Pearce, life and pensions director at Equiniti, said: “Equity release looks certain to be a key part of retirement and long-term care financing.

“From a pension and annuity provider’s perspective this also means that it’s the perfect opportunity for innovation in product design taking the features of buy-to-let and equity release that the public like and develop their own products that have similar appeal.”

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