More people looking to ‘reset’

Ryan Bembridge

August 8, 2017

More people are looking to change career, set up a new business or turn their hobby into their business, a report from Britain Thinks and Investec Click & Invest suggests.

Nine in 10 (85%) Brits want greater control over their future and over half (56%) are likely to make a significant change in the next five years.

The report describes the process of people making radical changes to their lives as ‘resetting’.

Jane Warren, chief executive of Investec Click & Investec, said: “We commissioned this report to ensure that we really understand the way our clients are thinking.

“What is exciting is that people are approaching their futures in a positive, planned and strategic way to ensure they live their lives the way they want to.

“This includes carefully and considered financial planning and decision-making.”

Of these so-called ‘resetters’ a third (30%) have set up their own business, one in five (22%) have made a hobby pay and a third (30%) have changed careers to do something more rewarding.

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