Pepper Money increases adverse credit completions by 91%

Michael Lloyd

March 12, 2019

Pepper Money increased the number of completions that included adverse credit by 91% last year compared to 2017.

The lender completed 1,620 mortgages for customers with adverse credit history in 2018 and also increased the value of adverse credit completions by 94%.

Paul Adams, sales director at Pepper Money, said: “Interesting cases are on the rise and often include more than one element that makes them more complex.

“These types of cases, where there is more than one layer of risk are where you really need to speak to a lender that offers transparent criteria and accessible underwriters.

“Some automated lenders might have an appetite for one element of risk, but once the case gets more complex it is often declined, and this can cost your clients time and money.

“So, think about how many layers of complexity there are in your interesting cases and choose a lender that can take account of all of these and consider the case as a whole.”

Some 30% of completions in 2018 included at least two factors that could lead them to fail a standard credit score.

The most common combination of ‘interesting’ criteria was first-time buyers with adverse credit history and CCJs, which accounted for nearly one in five of all of Pepper Money’s completions.

Self-employed borrowers with adverse credit history and CCJs accounted for one in 10 cases and 1% of completions were self-employed first-time buyers with adverse credit history and CCJs.

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