Pepper revamps pricing

Michael Lloyd

July 19, 2018

Pepper Money has revamped its pricing, cutting some rates by up to 0.55%.

The biggest reductions are available on Pepper 12, for borrowers who have not registered a CCJ or default in the last 12 months. At 80% LTV, a 5-year fixed rate is now available for 4.63%, down from 5.18% and at 75% LTV, a 5-year fixed rate is now 4.47% and up to 70% LTV it’s just 4.17%.

On Pepper 6, for borrowers who have not registered a CCJ or default in the last six months, 5-year fixed rates have been cut by 0.40% and are now available for 4.48% at 70% LTV and 4.78% at 75% LTV.

Rob Barnard, sales director at Pepper Money, said: “With Pepper, what you see is what you get. We don’t use credit scores to determine pricing, so you can be sure that, assuming all details are correct, the rate you recommend to your client is the rate they will be offered.

“As part of this, we regularly review our pricing to ensure that it reflects the funding environment, risk profile of the product and our appetite to be amongst the most competitive lenders in our market.

“With this in mind, we are really pleased that we have been able to make such significant reductions to some of our rates.”

Rates have also been cut by up to 0.25% on Pepper 18 and Pepper now has a 2-year fixed rate on Pepper 48, which is available for 2.37% at 70% LTV.

As part of the repricing, some rates have increased, reflecting changes to swap rates.

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