Pepper UK wins learning and development award

Michael Lloyd

November 9, 2018

Pepper UK has won the OCN London Learning at Work Week Impact Award for Inspiring Learning for All.

Pepper said its Learning at Work Week inspired learning for all with fun and interesting activities and experiences where colleagues could share ideas, network and teach each other.

It aimed to connect colleagues to the L&D team and build motivation, driving the future uptake of learning opportunities at Pepper to benefit both individuals and the business.

Gerry McHugh, chief executive, servicing division at Pepper UK, said: “We take the development of our people very seriously and used this year’s Learning at Work Week to offer a varied range of events to engage people in learning new skills, including barbering, first aid, Judo and Taekwondo.

“We also had networking and leadership talks, lunches and breakfasts that enabled employees to interact with people they might not ordinarily meet in their day jobs.

“This gave us the opportunity to start a conversation about learning and we showed people that our training room is not just about passing a finance test, but about expanding horizons and networking across the Pepper family.

“The benefits were huge. Our people made new connections, learned new skills and were celebrated for the talents and the learning opportunities they shared through networking. This continued a great conversation and reinforced the fantastic learning opportunities every single day of the year.

“We’re obviously really pleased to have won this award, but we won’t rest on our laurels and will continue our focus on learning and development into next year, when we have plans to reach out to local schools and colleges to focus on how we shape future talent in business.”

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