Personal Touch appoints Seven Families adviser

Sarah Davidson

November 26, 2014

The Income Protection Task Force Seven Families campaign will provide financial support for as many families who are unable to work through ill health or as a result of having an accident for a year, highlighting the importance of income protection in the process.

Crockford has been involved in financial services for 27 years, having set up his wealth management firm in 2006 when he joined Personal Touch.

Each family, which are based in different parts of the country from various backgrounds, will be provided with basic financial guidance from a volunteering adviser.

Peter Le Beau, managing director of Le Beau Visage and chair of the Income Protection Task Force, said: “We are delighted that Roger has volunteered his time for the campaign.

“Personal Touch is an excellent organisation with very high standards of advice and service, and we are confident that the families will benefit not just from the money, but also from the advice and guidance being provided.”

Charlotte Power, senior protection manager at Personal Touch, added: “From the early days when the Seven Families initiative started, we knew we wanted to be part of this fantastic campaign.

“The work they are doing is really helping to change the perception of income protection and allows more people to understand the importance of having cover in place.

“Throughout 2014, we have been working closely with our members to create a focus on income protection and providing holistic advice through a number of successful workshops.

“It’s great to start seeing the families being announced and see how the campaign is making a difference to the families’ lives.

“We are extremely pleased Roger has agreed to be part of the initiative and provide quality advice to one of the seven families as he has such impressive knowledge and industry experience to really add maximum value.”

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