PFS 2014: Love is an integral part of protection

Robyn Hall

November 6, 2014

At the ICC Birmingham he said that big businesses have the wrong culture to be successful, as he added that his firm, which employs over 120 advisers, currently doesn’t have any direct competitors.

He said: “Advice is nothing if it’s not personal. It has to be personal to be advice.

“If you do it with love it works, if you don’t it doesn’t.

“You’ve got to have the whole business thinking not about the commissions made today but how many families it has protected. That has to be your driver.

“If you can get that passion in the firm; if you can get your people thinking then there’s nothing to stop you growing.”

He added that big businesses “will struggle” in an advisory context as they are bound by their stakeholders rather than their customers.

However he admitted that imparting ‘love’ into firms is a challenge, as he said: “It’s very hard and it needs a lot of management.

“You’ve got to be a missionary, a preacher man or woman. You’ve got to convince them that love is an integral part of financial advice.”

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