PFS launches consultation exercise

Amanda Jarvis

April 3, 2006

The PFS today launched a major membership consultation exercise.


On the basis of recent research which highlighted improving reputation as the single most important issue for financial advisers, PFS is asking members to e-mail their ideas for improving the reputation of the industry to reputation@thepfs.org.


The background to this is that, whilst two decades have seen a progressive transfer of risk to the individual citizen in the area of personal financial provision, the industry’s reputation has been significantly damaged by mis-selling and consequent Government regulatory intervention.  As a result, public confidence is low.

The PFS was set up with the specific objective of improving consumer confidence in the financial planning and advice sector. 

The current initiative is designed to engage members in a debate on the key issues which need to be addressed to improve reputation.

Commenting on the survey, PFS acting chief executive Bob Bullivant said, “We receive many individual comments from members about reputation and image issues.  We intend to hold a Society-wide discussion of these issues over the next few months.  We wish to give every member of PFS the opportunity to voice their concerns or solutions.  The mail box we have set up is their opportunity to get in at the beginning of this debate”.

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